Pinafore Dress

photography to Sam
Striped Tee- American Apparel
Pinafore Dress - Lightinthebox
Platform Sandals- Boohoo
Bagpack- Cleo & Pateh
Bucket Hat- Flying Tiger
Studded Clear Choker- Etsy

I'm so in love with pinafore dresses because it's clean and simple.
I love dresses that follows a baby doll dress design since it is not tight at all and it cinches slightly at the upper waist area. It's perfect for something casual or going for a vintage look. Have you noticed I dyed my hair again?! To be exact, I toned my hair and it turned grayer than I predicted. I'm fine with this result but I'll wait till the gray goes away for a bit after a couple of washes.

Summer is ending and I'm so bummed out that next week is when school starts. The hot weather is going to go away and I have to get ready to wear fall clothes. I'm just not ready for that! Well, whatever, at least my birthday is next month. Hope you guys are ready for the end of the summer!

90s Denim Dress

photography to connie

Gingham Shirt- Brandy Melville
90's Denim Dress- Glasgow Vintage Co.
Eggplant Socks- Meinu
White Fisherman Platform Sandals- Boohoo
Thrifted Leather Backpack- Cleo & Patek
Clear PVC Heart Choker- Ebay

Back again with a lighter hair color and a blunt cut! What do you think?
All I have left is to tone... but I'm not sure if I should add a pastel color now because I really like the results so far and I don't want to mess it up! .... I must go on!

This denim dress that I copped out from a vintage store was the most adorable thing that I have ever seen! It sort of reminded me what the girls would wear in the 90s so I had to buy it. The size isn't perfect but it is neither tight nor loose and it's a bit low so I wore a shirt under. Seems a little country gal I admit, but thanks to the clear heart choker and eggplant socks, my outfit earns some badness points! 

Hope you like! Comment and tell me what you think about this outfit or my hair!! I will reply and check you out ~

カッコイイ- Cool

Striped Shirt- American Apparel
Black Knife School Pleated Skirt- Ebay
Platform Lace up Boots- H&M
Holographic Tote Bag- Ebay
Cool Japanese Bucket Hat- H&M
Hi yall.
Still in the process of bleaching my hair and this is just the beginning. Don't worry, this will not be my hair color in default.  I am trying to dye it into a pastel color so it will certainly take some time. I'm not even ok with this strawberry blonde... I want to hurry up and get it to a light shade! Ugh, all for the sake of having light colored hair. I'll write about the bleaching process on my next blog post, perhaps.

Hope you like my outfit though. Haven't blogged in over a month just cause I've been busy (and lazy) but I guess that's no good reason. Mostly because it's been so hot outside lately that I don't really go out of the way into the sun and melt while taking shoots. No thank you~