Pink Bomber and Boots

December 1, 2016

MOM JEANS: Jeanne Moore PINK BOOTS: c/o Zaful (link)

The color pink is seriously getting to me- I'm literally obsessed with the pastel pink. I love owning pink and blush colored pieces nowadays and I just feel like it goes well with anything minimal, hehe. These pink boots is just the most interesting but the cutest thing I've ever seen on Zaful. Perfect to wear with my jacket that I thrifted by St. Marks.


November 24, 2016

Photography to Jenna


I recently spoiled myself and bought these beautiful ankle boots from Dollskill. I have never ordered anything from that web shop, though I have been tempted MANY TIMES because literally, everything they have in stock is something I would wear. I just never brought myself to order because the $5 shipping flat rate in shops always gave me a turn off for some reason.

✧٩(•́⌄•́๑) DressLily Review

November 21, 2016

Hello, I did a look with Dresslily and I wanted to write an extensive review about their products, prices, services, and so forth. This web shop is based in China but they sell all types of clothing and accessory selections. They have so many things to offer, I spent a lot of time browsing their selections. I think my favorite part of their website is that they sell a lot of vintage inspired clothes for a really cheap price.

Items are sponsored from Dresslily but my thoughts and comments are completely 100% legit.

The photos will respectively be shown as stock photo and the actual product of the photo taken by me via phone so sorry in advance if the quality doesn't look super crisp. I also added a look that I did with a product. I might add more photos later if I ever have the chance! (◕⌓◕;)

✧ ✦ ♡  


Leather and Lace-up

November 2, 2016

photography to Jenna

JACKET & SKIRT: Forever21 LACE UP SWEATER: c/o Zaful (link
THIGH HIGH BOOTS: c/o Zaful (link)

I just love this pink lace up knit from Zaful! I just love love love it because of it's alluring lace up and at the same time it looks hella cute because of the color pink and the turtle neck feature. I find this piece super unique and this knit is actually reversible on both sides so that's pretty nifty.

Halloween outfit: 50's Lady

October 31, 2016

photography to Brian

VINTAGE DRESS: c/o Dresslily (link) CHOKER: Forever21
WHITE HEELS: c/o Dresslily (link) SATCHEL: Delmar

Happy Halloween!

This year for Halloween, I wanted to dress up someone in the vintage eras and when I saw this rose printed dress from Dresslily, I knew that I had to be someone from the 50's even though it was definitely not my style but the huge A-line dress, bold red colors, and the beautiful floral prints quickly caught me eye. It was super fun dressing up from the 50's, though a pain because I am wearing a petticoat under and it's just so poofy that it gets in the way when I'm sitting down. It's not exactly spooky because I didn't want to go through the pain of putting on blood makeup and also I'm not quite good at that, haha please excuse my laziness.


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