photography to Connie

White Sweater- Zara
Black Knife Pleated Skirt- Ebay
Knee High Socks- Target
Platform Boots- H&M
Leather Backpack- Vintage
I feel ultra school girl here. High socks, pleated skirt, and backpack!!
I'm trying to add more white into my wardrobe but I'm too scared that it will get dirty in no time.
I have no one to blame but myself for letting it get dirty and then I don't want to go through the trouble using toxic chemicals like bleach to get it off!
Ah, white is such a delicate color but so beautiful...


Black and Denim

photography to Connie

Usamimi headband- Miniinthebox
Spiked Pleather Varsity Jacket- Forever21
High Waist Mom Jeans- Vintage
Black Combat Boots- Dr. Martens
Sorry for the lack of consistent posts!
This whole month was pretty busy for me. Next month will be busy too
Ahhh, I miss exploring through blogs but I will get back to my fellow readers soon.

Nonetheless, I hope you like my outfit- just denim and black.


Knee High QT

photography to Brian
Denim Jacket - Brandy Melville
Black Crop Tank - American Apparel
Gingham Skirt - Thrifted
Knee Socks - Target
Arcade Cutout Platform Boots - Topshop
Yassss, to finally wear a skirt during this month is wish come true!
In addition to that, my awesome friend, Brian turned 20! I truly do hope that he has the best 20th year. The weather cleared up so it was a perfect day to celebrate but first- we must stop by Soho and check out American Apparel!!!

I like strolling through Lafayette and Broadway despite the crowd because Soho is full of creative and fashionable people and there are also endless stores to check out. I'm slowly becoming a major shopaholic which is becoming an issue...
Till next time!