photography to Brian
Duster Overcoat- Thrifted
Pink Pullover- Spinss
Black High Waisted Jeans- Pacsun
Platform Boots-  H&M
Pink Chunky Scarf- Forever21

I love wearing loing overcoats- it makes me feel mature and sophisticated. I mean, I tried to be the usual grungy me but this overcoat is making me look more dashing than bad, hehe.
Stay warm guys and take care of care of yourself well~

black and beige

photography to Brian
Bustier- Mixxmix
Gingham skirt and knee high socks- from Japan
Platform Lace up Boots- H&M
Studded Clear Choker- Etsy
Black Backpack- Cleo & Patek

I'm inspired from Mixxmix to wear a shirt under a bustier/ tank top. It kinda looks cute. Can't wait to style more of these kinds of trends. Enjoy~

Happy Holidays!!

Pretty Earth

photography to brian k
Earth Pullover- Mixxmix
School Skirt- Vintage
Knee High Socks- Target
Platform Loafers- Yesstyle

yea yea yea
Just earth and a satellite floating around
Love the brand of this sweater- simple but utterly cute!!! My favorite type of style.

I'll be going to Japan next week, I'll make sure to take tons of pics and show you a mini journal of my trip. Enjoy~