Black and Denim

photography to Connie

Usamimi headband- Miniinthebox
Spiked Pleather Varsity Jacket- Forever21
High Waist Mom Jeans- Vintage
Black Combat Boots- Dr. Martens
Sorry for the lack of consistent posts!
This whole month was pretty busy for me. Next month will be busy too
Ahhh, I miss exploring through blogs but I will get back to my fellow readers soon.

Nonetheless, I hope you like my outfit- just denim and black.


Knee High QT

photography to Brian
Denim Jacket - Brandy Melville
Black Crop Tank - American Apparel
Gingham Skirt - Thrifted
Knee Socks - Target
Arcade Cutout Platform Boots - Topshop
Yassss, to finally wear a skirt during this month is wish come true!
In addition to that, my awesome friend, Brian turned 20! I truly do hope that he has the best 20th year. The weather cleared up so it was a perfect day to celebrate but first- we must stop by Soho and check out American Apparel!!!

I like strolling through Lafayette and Broadway despite the crowd because Soho is full of creative and fashionable people and there are also endless stores to check out. I'm slowly becoming a major shopaholic which is becoming an issue...
Till next time!


Nobody Cares

photography from Connie

Flannel - Gap
Nobody Cares Crop Shirt and Spiked Choker - Etsy
High Waist Jeans - Pacsun
Platform Boots and Leather Bag - H&M
It's kind of hard to shoot ootds when its snowing nonstop,  wind blowing, and wearing a unfab coat to combat the cold weather. So here I am, doing a shoot at a huge parking lot on the top floor. Gotta do what I gotta do right? Bear with the background until the weather gets warmer

Nonetheless, I'm in love with graphic shirts!!! I'm still collecting some more keke